04 November 2010

Thank you to the SheLOL Ladies

This week, I'm learning the power of prayer.. not just any prayer, but the prayer of Christian sisters who have walked (or are walking) in my shoes.  We are each given a set of circumstances and God desires to work through those circumstances.  If we refuse to share them, even the tough ones, they are useless.  Not only that, but we miss out on the blessing of prayer from someone who has trudged the same struggle and lived to walk out the other side thriving.  

Tuesday night, I was given the opportunity to share a brief testimony about the last 11 weeks... I shared about my struggle to find time away alone with God.  Since then, the girls have slept in and taken synchronized naps.  That hadn't happened the previous 11 weeks, and certainly not 2 days in a row.  

Wednesday morning, I woke up at 4:20 am.. wide awake.  I debated getting up, but talked myself into going back to sleep.  At 6:10, I got a second chance at a quiet house to myself ~ my husband was already gone to work and the girls were still snoozing.  I knew it must be a God given day, so I took advantage and even had tea during my quiet time.  Unheard of!!  

So, THANK YOU to the SheLOL ladies who have been praying for me since Tuesday night.  As for the one of you who prayed I would wake up before my girls ~ not funny!!   Plain & Simple As That :)

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