05 November 2010

Destination: Up Against a Wall

For some, being up against the wall is a bad thing.  For me, it's a chance to catch my breath.  "The Wall" has become a my ultimate destination.  You see, I'm a swimmer.  Not really.  I mean, I'm not strong. I'm not fast, and I'm not graceful.  I just like to swim.  It's sweat-free calorie burning.  It's a ticket to a toddler-free shower, and it's uninterrupted meditation time.   

For the most part, outside voices cease, and I can be alone in my own little underwater world.  Sometimes I just count my strokes and try to kick faster to make it to the other wall before I get to 27.  (Don't laugh, I'm doing good to actually swim "laps" without stopping.)  Sometimes I plan my next facebook status update.  If it's short, I may save it for Twitter.  If it's long, well, now I have a blog (with needy followers).  Ha!

Sometimes though, I just meditate on all my lists ~ I am an avid list-maker afterall.  Usually, my to do list surfaces to the top, and I plan out my afternoon.  Often I plan dinner and make a grocery list in my mind.  On occasion, I think of all the things I'm thankful for, usually starting with "this quiet moment, even though I feel like I'm drowning."  After about half an hour, or half a mile I'm ready to go back to the above world.  

Thirty minutes of survival swimming is enough to make me thankful for the little things in life... like oxygen.   It makes for a good day, and for the rest of the afternoon, Tiny & the Tot have to work a little harder to drive me up a wall.  Plain & Simple As That.

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