05 November 2010

Its a Great Location ~ It Just Stinks

While we wait for our house to be ready for move-in day, we reside on what I have deemed "Duplex Alley".  Allow me to explain my synicism about this place.  First off, I am not implying that I am too good to live in a "semi-detached" home nor am I too good to live in a space considered relatively small by American Cultural Standards.  Sure, our facet drips incessantly, the bathrooms doors don't actually latch, and the carpet has that a-cat-once-peed-here-frequently feel to it.  Living here has taught us to really take a look at the lifestyle we had come to take for granted.

Even though it is smallish, Tiny & the Tot each have their own room.  We have a garage, a fenced in yard hill, even a dishwasher.  We have great neighbors, and we live close to everything ~ we are blocks away from schools, parks, ice cream shop, the Farmers' market, and even our new house!  

Living close to "everything" seemed like a great idea at first.  Unfortunately, sharing a property line with the city compost pile and being just downwind from the city wastewater plant is taking a toll on my ability to appreciate how fine a location we have discovered.  

Duplex alley ~ its a great location.  It just stinks.  Plain & Simple As That.

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