30 January 2012

One Minimalish Room

In my heart, I really want to be a Minimalist, but I watch too much HGTV, so I'm content to be Minimalish when it comes to my home. After almost a year, we have one room that I could call done, although there are two changes I still want to make.

When we first moved in, it truly was a minimalist space. No window treatments, no headboard, and my nightstand was actually two stacked file boxes (with way too much stuff in them!) That ginkgo light fixture is probably my favorite thing in our house. 

Here is today. Almost DONE! 

23 January 2012

DIY Nightstands From An Art Deco Vanity

Disclaimer #1: This is not a unique idea. It is inspired by Mandy at Sugar Bee Crafts, only she used a desk and it required a lot more steps!
Disclaimer #2: As much as I like to think I'm crafty, I'm more of an idea girl. Luckily, my husband is pretty handy when it comes to implementing my brilliant ideas! 

So anyway, I've been looking for the perfect nightstands for our Minimalish Bedroom. I love Mid Century Modern furniture, but it's not so practical in the year 2012 and the age of the California King mattress. If I was a trendy interior designer, I'd insert some guide to scale when it comes to furniture.. but a designer, I am not. I'm just a girl engineer. I just know what I like and what I think looks good. I know that 23" tall night stands would be dwarfed by our big 'ol comfy bed.

Last Wednesday, I picked up this little gem at Precious Cargo in Fayetteville, AR for about $140.

A little sweat from moving the carseats to the front and putting the back seat down, and it fit in my car! My little VW Golf is like a Transformer! It's an around-town-grocery-getter, long trip gas saver (44 mpg!!) and a TRUCK.