30 January 2012

One Minimalish Room

In my heart, I really want to be a Minimalist, but I watch too much HGTV, so I'm content to be Minimalish when it comes to my home. After almost a year, we have one room that I could call done, although there are two changes I still want to make.

When we first moved in, it truly was a minimalist space. No window treatments, no headboard, and my nightstand was actually two stacked file boxes (with way too much stuff in them!) That ginkgo light fixture is probably my favorite thing in our house. 

Here is today. Almost DONE! 

The first 4 things we added: a big TV "for Saturday morning cartoons with our kids," a commissioned painting of our wedding day, a bench at the end of our bed, and a cow skin rug, just because. 

I'm hoping to talk my husband into ripping off this Muro Media Cabinet idea to hide the TV cords. He could build it for less than $50.

Here's the real "after" shot: 

I'm not a fan of the floor lamp. It moved in while the Christmas tree was in it's living room space. We plan to change these out for wall sconces to keep the nightstand surfaces clear.

The nightstands are a diy project. My husband converted these from an Art Deco vanity I picked up at a used furniture store. My first choice would have been these from West Elm, but $500 was not in my budget. We just needed a flat surface for alarm clocks & the baby monitor plus a drawer for my Nook, my MacBook Air, and my phone to charge at night.

Instead of buying decorative pillows, we just use coordinating sheets and "decorate" our bed with the pillows we sleep on. .. except for Oli... he's nothing more than a little whimsical touch. That's the fun of being on the minimalish side of minimalism!


  1. So really....no piles anywhere? I am all for getting rid of clutter and I think I am doing better. But I am not sure I will ever be completely pile-free. :)

  2. Very nice! The end tables turned out so well.

  3. I'm chronic. I believe in the "file by pile" system. However, my piles are definitely more manageable these days. I still have a small stack on my desk of unread magazines, and my current tax papers are in a file sitting on my desk. There is also a smallish pile of clothes in my closet to be donated. ... oh, and the laundry room and a few dishes piled in the sink... and that one side of the garage. Otherwise, I'm a reformed piler!