11 May 2012

A Minimalish Mom's (Secret) Mother's Day Wish

My mom, with her mom.. and HER mum. The British Blood in me. 
Sunday is Mother's Day.. are you ready???

During lunch today with my dearly beloved and our two beautiful little grumps, I was given the opportunity to share my Mothers' Day wish list... CRUD! Why didn't I think to update that???

Oh yeah, because there's really only one thing on my wish list right now, and I'm a little anxious about letting my husband know about it. He has no trouble dropping cash to buy me gifts, but since we share one checking account, I make sure I REALLY want it before I let him in on my secret wish.

It must be hard to live with someone who's "love language" is gifts, but who doesn't like a lot of stuff. I confess my complicatedness, and I fully embrace it. (Any women who denies being complicated is either a liar or she's living in denial).

So... what would this minimalish momma like for Mother's Day?

A little something from nature:
For eight months of the year, I live on my front porch, so dressing up my front yard with some tulipsdaffodils or a not-so-common ginkgo tree would be quite lovely.  Flowers for my table are nice, but a potted plant that would live well beyond Memorial Day would be even nicer. We don't have pets or indoor plants, so it might liven up our home to add something that breathes - preferably something that breathes CO2, NOT O2! Oh, my world would spin out of control if a puppy showed up!

A little something consumable:
My little getaway is a cup of perfectly steeped tea - Paris Morning Blend or Pomegranite Grape Green tea are my current loves, but every Mom is different, so be be careful here. If you're not sure, how about some German Rock Sugar to compliment any tea without masking the complex flavors. If your mom isn't a tea drinker, you can always go the route of coffee beans, Sonic gift cards, or a bottle of wine (assuming she's not Amish). Do I hear chocolate anyone?

A little something digital:
If my husband could pry my iPhone or my MacBook Air away from me, I'd love to have my iTunes updated with the old school Midnight Oil, Depeche Mode, and Bon Jovi tunes I remember from my junior high dances. If you don't know her dirty-little-secret-music-fantisies, there's always an eBook for her Kindle, Nook, or iPad... WHAT? She doesn't have an eReader??? Why are you still reading this blog - you know what to do!!!

A little something extravagant:
Every mom, minimalish, minimalist, or all-out-retail-therapy-junkie, has at least one thing on her extravagant wish-list. The thing she doesn't want to admit to wanting because it's way too much money for what it's worth. Unless you sign-up for Pinterest and follow her, you may never know. For me, it pains me to admit this, I'd really love a pair of OVERPRICED, but oh-so-lovely ballet flats from Tieks(in a size 8, and either the camel color or the Metallic Gold <- just incase my husband is reading this)

If all else fails, just take her to see Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows, and sneak a little big bag of Peanut M&Ms in her purse while you're at it! What woman doesn't have a thing for a dread-locked Pirate turned Vampire???  

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In honor of Mothers' Day.. a few extra pictures: 

My Mom with my "two little grumps" the day we brought home my youngest. She's 2 1/2 now.

Me and my mom with my oldest the day we brought her home - she's 4 1/2 now!

08 May 2012

A Mother's Prayer

In honor of Mothers' Day this weekend,
I thought I'd post the prayer that's been closest to my heart this week.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray my kids don't make a peep.
If they should cry before I wake,
My sanity could be at stake.

Photo courtesy of mirandarush on flickr