08 November 2010

Fun Doesn't Have to be Expensive, Just Creative

Never one to excel at playtime, I'm finally learning that it isn't as hard as Fisher-Price makes would like me to believe.  Three years of purchasing random trash from the toy stores has lead me to this... a stack of toys that actually entertain Tiny & the Tot:
Clockwise from the top: 
  1. A nap spot for "Monster"/rocket ship/pirate ship/cage for Tiny (though she doesn't enjoy that as much as the Tot)/indoor canvas for sidewalk chalk, 
  2. "Suuuuuuper Neena's" cape (Thank you WonderPets),
  3. a Red straw from Sonic ~ the most highly prized, most often sought-after, most frequently fought-over toy on the planet, 
  4. Tiny's crinkle wrapper (note, this is a one day use toy, but the Tot usually has a new one for her after her first nap), and 
  5. last but not least, a drum/pony caddy/circle template/tea party plate/scooper/shaker/hat.
I used to dread inside-days, but a bit of creativity goes a long way, and my littles seem to be full of creativity.  What ideas do you have for inexpensive/free indoor activities?  Brainstorming together, I bet we can come up with a winter's worth of fun. ~ It's Plain and Simple As That.


  1. Also, do you have a low drawer in the kitchen dedicated to plastics? The littlest ones love it, and as they got older I kept all the kids plastic cups in there too. Now every kid in the neighborhood knows where to find them, and they know better than to ask ME for a drink of water!

  2. That's a fantastic idea! I had a plastics drawer at our last house, and I plan to again just as soon as I get off of Duplex Alley!

  3. Comment unrelated to subject matter: I am cracking up that you have a Nestle product front and center in your photo! :)

  4. That's funny! Cookie dough isn't a direct competition item, so maybe I won't get in trouble. Mars does make some fantastic toys too... an Uncle Ben's Rice box, a few cans of Whiskas (even though we don't have a cat), and a shiny crinkly Twix wrapper would keep Tiny happy for an entire afternoon!