15 November 2010

A Special Occasion for Something Simple

We try not to take our kids to too many over-the-top experiences yet ~ you know, like Chuckie Cheese ~ lest they start expecting it, or worse, they just aren't happy with the simple things of life.  My Tot thinks it's a treat to go to Sam's on Sunday after church for pizza.  We can feed the entire family for about $7 and she thinks it's special.  I guess that means it is special, and at seven bucks, I think it is out-of-this-world-special!  

Today is the eve of her third birthday.  It seems a momentous occasion, so I thought it was time to up the adventure level a bit and introduced her to another of life's simple pleasures.  A quiet moment with a hot beverage.  Unfortunately, she hasn't quite caught on to the "quiet" part, and she was only really interested in whip cream on top. 
The Tea Cup, Saucer & Spoon are part of a set from Green Toys ~ they've lasted over two years so far, they look just like the day she opened them, and they are dishwasher safe.  A great gift for any little girl.
Maybe later today, I'll take her to see the fish at Walmart.  It's a toddler's paradise.  ~ Plain & Simple As That. 

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  1. Wonderful picture!

    Happy Almost Birthday, sweet Tot!