28 November 2010

More Christmas Design without Decorator's Remorse

If you are like me, you greet December 26th with a to-do list every year.  Topping the list: take down, pack and store all the Christmas Decor.  It makes me regret dragging everything out of the attic in the first place!  This year, I'm determined to create a festive space that won't taunt me after all the excitement is done ~ and I want to do so without spending a fortune. Here are a few more inexpensive-disposable/consumable-yet-eco-friendly ways to decorate: 
  • First I have to share some ideas from my friend Jamie: how could I have forgotten to mention a paper chain garland?  It's like an icon of Christmas tree decor!
  • She also suggested noodles strung on colourful yarn which I think has potential to turn out looking like vintage elegance.
  • A simple bowl filled with red and green apples or pears dressed up with some fabric around the bottom makes a pretty yet understated centerpiece.  Plus, if kids see it, they'll ASK for fruit.  
  • Think of the aromas of Christmas.  A dish of cranberries with a ribbon-tied bundle of cinnamon sticks laying on top will have all you senses in the Christmas spirit.  
  • If that's not enough scent for you, a little bit of cinnamon and some apple slices simmering over low heat should make your house ready for Christmas guests.
  • A gingerbread house is out of my league, but for my crafty friends, it's a great consumable Christmas decoration.  I probably lean more toward gingerbread men or iced-and-sprinkled sugar cookies under a clear cake stand for my edible decor.
  • If you have the willpower, you can always decorate with candy.  Is there anything more simple, more consumable or more festive than a candy cane?  or how about setting a dish of red & green M&Ms on the coffee table ~ those are highly consumable at our house!
  • Candles add a touch of cozy to any room.  The flickering light of all white or ivory pillars will instantly warm up your space.  In the Hunt for Dingy-Duplex Christmas Decor, I included "kid-friendly" as part of my criteria, but little ones aren't invited to everyone's party!  If your kids are older, you'll for sure want to include candles for a finishing touch. 
What other ideas do you have for Christmas Decor on a Dime ~ especially decorations that don't have to be packed and stored for next year.  Working together, we'll all have a beautiful Christmas and a relaxing New Year!  ~ It's Plain & Simple As That.

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