07 December 2010

Planning for Tomorrow

Every night, we struggle to get the Tot to stay in her bed.  She might fall asleep in the living room, but there's something about her pillow that wakes her up.  I think she just starts thinking through the day and putting the pieces together in her head... or maybe she's planning for tomorrow.  

Last night, about 45 minutes into her nightly routine, and probably the 3rd time she sequestered a sucker-parent back to her room, she asked the Daddyman, "Daddy is Christmas coming?"  He affirmed her suspicions, and after a moment of pondering, she added, "Where are all the presents? I some more crayons and a big, big... are Grandma and Papa coming tomorrow?"  

Later, he returned to find her hanging over the baby gate.  Leaning down, he said, "Whatcha' thinking about Baby?"
In a drunken voice, "Daddy, I tink you're beauuuuuutiful."
Daddy, "Why, thank you Sweetheart, I think you're beautiful too.  Go get in your bed."
The Tot, "Are you gunna' wear your boots tomorrow?  I think you should wear your boots.  Can I have some sodie tomorrow?  I want a ponytail tomorrow."  

My baby is as random as her mother!  But very good at planning for tomorrow.   ~ Plain & Simple As That

1 comment:

  1. Such precious sweetness.

    In 10 years, you won't remember the frustration of not knowing when she'll finally go to sleep. You'll remember moments like these.

    And you'll be so glad that you recorded them here.