12 December 2010

Never Throw in the Towel

In the year we've been at Grace Point, our pastor has made a few pleas to the members to get plugged in.  At one point, he mentioned that Grace land ~ home of the 2 & 3 year-olds ~ is the hardest volunteer position to staff.  We kinda' took that as a challenge.  I'm not sure why it's so hard to get volunteers to keep two-year-olds?  It's fun.  Okay, I admit it.  Some days, I'm ready to throw in the towel, but my husband is a genius with these little people.  Even when it's not fun at the moment, it's full of fun stories, for example, here are some conversations from this morning:

Three-year-old with some urgency, "I GOTTA' go"
Me rushing him out the door, "let's go"
We return to the group and the child refuses to sit and have snacks with his friends.  Walking funny, he heads for the corner.  My husband queries him to find out why he won't eat his rice cakes when he emphatically announces, "My wiener is stuck!"
Me, somewhat puzzled, "What did he say?"
My husband, "Well, I think he said, his ..."
"Nevermind.. I got it."
~ for the record, he's okay, I just didn't get the Superman underoos pulled up far enough in the front.   I have two little girls.  Suiting up a kid with exterior plumbing is all new.

We get everyone settled in for a snack: the perfect opportunity to share a Bible Story with them.  My husband starts to tell them about Jesus' birthday and sing "Happy Birthday" when a three-year-old boldly corrects him, "JESUS ISN'T HERE YET!!".. "JESUS ISN'T HERE YET!!"
Husband, "Huh?"
Enter a sweet little two-year-old translator with big blue eyes, "Jesus ISN'T here yet!"
I offer a little assistance and ask the child, "Where is Jesus?"
Three-year-old with certainty, "He's at the store."
Now I'm curious, "What's he getting at the store?"
Three-year-old thinks for a few seconds, "He's bringing us some booze."
~ Honey, we are Baptist, our Jesus doesn't buy booze.  Are you sure you don't mean boots?  ... I didn't actually say that.  I pretty much just let it drop, but I haven't stopped laughing.  It's quite possible he didn't say booze, but it sure sounded like it!

A few minutes later, I recognize the look on my husband's face.  Another kid has to pee.  Great.  It's another boy ~ an opportunity to redeem myself.
I rush him to the restroom and try to get him situated.  He acts a little confused, so I wonder if maybe he is used to standing up.  I turn him around.  Nope.  By this time, I'm thinking to myself, "Oh boy, this is gonna' get messy in a hurry.  How long can a little kid hold it?"  I turn him back around as pee starts to trickle down his leg.  I'm urging him to "point it down, point it down."  The little man seems extremely confused.  That makes two of us.  I finally reach in and help him aim as I look away and whisper praises to God for knitting my babies with matching chromosomes.

We scrub (and I do mean scrub) our hands and head back for some coloring time.  I remember my dear husband packing a diet coke for me before we left the house and I sit in a glider to slam it.  Ahhh.... I'm ready for more.  Who's next?  What? our time is up?  I was just having fun..

We head to the sanctuary and right as the guest speaker is getting started, the screen flashes for Parent #SD7 to come to the registration desk.  ... odd... that's our number.  I exit quickly and find MY three-year-old swimming in a mess of runny stinky poop.  Just before the other teacher gags, I take over the wipe-down and get the Tot into some tiny Incredible Hulk under wear and a pair of shorts.  (Apparently, little girls are just as messy as little boys afterall.)   She's ready to go play, but I'm a little nervous about sending her back to class.  I think we'll catch this week's sermon on the podcast.

I hope I didn't scare off a potential volunteer.  It really is a fun place!  There's nothing more rewarding that teaching a kid about the Saviour of the World.  If you get the chance, come join us... just remember this:  Don't throw in your towel, you never know when you might need it.  There's a reason they call this place "Wee World." ~ It's Plain & Simple As That


  1. I love this post. I worked in our church nursery for 3 years. Always eventful- never a dull moment!
    I love the honesty, curiosity, and fun the little ones have, it's so sweet.

  2. "never a dull moment" is the PERFECT way to describe it!