08 December 2010


***note, this post will probably only make sense if you were at iGet2Give tonight, but I decided to publish it anyway. 
 It's my blog; I can do that if I want to***

Alright, confession time.  When I checked the box to say I was interested in helping with iGet2Give, I really meant that I was willing to help... and by that, I mean, I was willing to help greet people at the door or help fill cups with ice or something along those lines on the night of the event.

Fast forward about 10 weeks to the first iGet2Give meeting.  I reluctantly agree to head up "Tickets" because of the entire list, it sounds the easiest and for some odd reason, no one else jumps on it.  I walk out of the meeting wondering what on earth I've gotten myself into.

Okay.  I can do this.  It's more than I planned to take on, but I can do this.  Besides, I need something more challenging in my life than wiping tiny noses and nuking a bowl EasyMac once a day - everyday.  

Fast forward again: Lori invites me to be on the panel.  Me! With a microphone!  Wooo hoooo!  Oh, Lori, do you know the tiger you just unleashed?  I can't wait!

Fast forward to tonight... Dim the lights... Que the music... iGet2Give is live!

We ate, we laughed, we learned, we bobble-headed, we cried (note to self: next year, tear-proof mascara instead of the super-lushious-lashes junk), we gave and we equipped others to give with Zoodles, How to Train a Dragon gift sets, massages, pies, windshield repair, gift cards, braces, furniture, oil changes, bath sets, laundry sets, a bike, the list goes on and on.  By the way, if you didn't win tonight, I've still got that XXXL VW Sweatshirt iCanGiveU so U2CanGive.  Wrapped in cellophane with a one pound bag of M&Ms and a gym membership, it'd be the perfect gift for any 6'6" tall car dealer.

I confess, aside from one small anxiety attack over miscounted tickets, and a slight seizure when I realized I wouldn't be able to wear my ratty jeans & a faded T shirt on stage, iHadABlast with iGet2Give!  I pray that each lady in the room left tonight with ideas of how to give this Christmas away.  I don't know about you, but I can't wait to greet someone with the words of Hope that live inside me and share until their cup overflows.  ~ It's Plain & Simple As That


  1. Loved it! You should always jump at the opportunity to have a microphone, even if it involves mascara, Christmas casual wear and bending over discreetly. :)

  2. I'm still smiling today after all the fun from last night. I need to find Becky on Facebook ~ she's my kind of girl, though I don't think I could rock the full body girdle. I was privy to the details about the teenagers coming and I STILL cried.
    I hope the reindeer are all okay today.