04 December 2010

A Colorful Soul Hiding in a Plain Jane Shell

I'm cracking out of my shell and showing my true colors.  It's not that I'm shy, or embarrassed about what I believe or how I live my life.  So, why the pseudonym?  why the generic picture?  and who was PJ anyway?  

I created this space with good intentions of narrating a life of simplicity: free from the need to keep up with the Jones, free from the temptation to alleviate stress through retail therapy, free from a gluttony of stuff.  Though I strive for those things, 
in all honesty, I'm not there yet.  In my heart, I truly desire the Plain Jane (PJ) life, meanwhile, I added some not-so-PJ-earrings to my Christmas list.  I'm not even sure why I have a Christmas list since I really just long for a home with uncluttered spaces.    

Glancing over all the things I've written about, it's obvious that while the PJ in me has a few things to say, the soul of Stacy keeps spilling onto the page.  Plus, my audience seems more amused by my soul spillings than my heart's infatuation with bare walls and clear surfaces.  

It's time to put away the facade and use the face that matches my soul.  I have a feeling we'll still hear from my inner Plain Jane on occasion, but for now, my true colorful self is here to stay.   ~ It's still Plain & Simple As That (for now).

1 comment:

  1. What an awesome picture.

    Two of the many endearing personality traits you possess are generosity and honesty.

    Thanks for being so honest with us!