05 February 2012

Five Reasons to Go Minimalish

A few weeks ago, Naomi Kendall who blogs over at The Minimal List, asked a question on Twitter.. something about where did you start with minimalism? I responded to her question and said that I started with small spaces..  a spice cabinet, a closet, the space under my sink, and my desk (not all at the same time). It's just enough motivation to keep me going.

This sparked a conversation (as much as you can in 140 characters or less at a time) about the goal of Minimalism. Do I just want less stuff or is there a different plan?

I came up with a few quick reasons to go Minimialish:

  1. I have said this before, I have pack-rat tendencies. What can I say? I'm a sentimental fool (which is why I still have two sets of Grandma's dishes secretly stashed in my attic). Minimalism helps me keep a handle on things. It makes me think about everything that comes into my house - I'm constantly asking myself if I really need this much stuff!
  2. I love the look of uncluttered rooms. I grew up in the country - wide open spaces satisfy the longings to relive my childhood. (Note, not all my childhood years... just the prepubescent ones!)
  3. Even though they are little, my girls don't really play with toys very much. Spending less of our budget on toys (aka, clutter) leaves more money to give my kids experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Who knows.. maybe they'll want to relive their childhood someday! 
  4. We got on the Minimalist wagon shortly before we decided to sell our house. Have you ever watched those HGTV shows about staging a home to sell it? The great reveal looks a lot like my Minimalish style! Our house sold in 7 days..  for more than asking price.. in a buyers' market. Apparently, I'm not the only one that likes the look of uncluttered rooms!
  5. Our dream is to move overseas someday. Minimalism keeps us debt free and ready to pack at a moment's notice. If this dream ever became a reality, I'd reconsider which Five things I won't give up for Minimalism
Having kids means we'll never be true minimalists. It's an ongoing battle to help them realize that stuff isnt' important and gaining more stuff won't fulfill their dreams. My four-year-old asked me for a fairy godmother, a castle, a horse, a dog, and an iPad yesterday. To say she's caught the vision would be a bold-faced lie!

What about you? If you've been inspired to go the minimalish route, what led you there?


  1. Stacy! I saw this article and thought of your blog. http://www.brightestyoungthings.com/articles/byt-style-profiles-emily-wall.htm

  2. I LOVE her apartment!!! She talked about another blog called "Advanced Style".. did you check it out? It's smile worthy :)
    Thanks for the link .. .I enjoyed the article!

  3. LOL I did! She LOVES that blog. haha I just couldn't believe it!

  4. We did the same thing with our house...and we had a newborn at the time with all the STUFF a 1st born comes with...though we had already started figuring out what was necessary and getting rid of the stuff that wasn't. We put our house on the market the week after MLK day, got 2 offers...1st one fell through, moved out on Feb 15 and closed the sale on Feb 26. It was crazy fast, just as the market was turning, and in an off season. I credit our lack of stuff for the quick sale. Now if only our current home was as minimalish :) I had no idea how many toys a child could accumulate over the years. I don't remember having so many toys when I was a child.

  5. We aren't doing so well in the toy department lately. The frustrating part is that my kids rarely play with their toys. They like their blankies still and they like riding their bikes. Occasionally, they'll play with their babies, but the rest is just clutter - until I try to remove any of it from the premises - then it all becomes instant treasure! errr...