19 February 2012

What's in My Minimalish Closet

WARNING - this post over-utilizes parenthesis. 
Grammar junkies should proceed with caution!

I read a lot of minimalist blogs, books, and other various articles. It seems listing ones clothing is a popular trend, so I'm hoping onboard.

You can tell a lot about a person's life by the clothing in their closet - church clothes? executive suits? lots of exercise wear? lumberjack flannels? etc, etc... Last year, I took two intercontinental trips - one to South America and one to West Africa. I learned that everything I really need to survive will fit in my backpack. Aside from overseas trips though, I do normally keep a few more items in my closet. I've gone through phases of cleaning it out and then adding a few items back in, but in general, this is what I keep:

The Staples:
I work at a church. A super casual church. So for me, work clothes = church clothes = everyday clothes
- four pairs of jeans (for winter)
- four pairs of khakis (for Spring, Summer & Fall)
- two pairs of summer capris ('cause these pasty white legs do not come out from hiding, not even for 100+ degree weather)
- three sweaters
- one fleece pullover
- two fleece vests - these are the staple of my wardrobe.. shhhh.. don't tell the fashion police
- seven long sleeve t-shirts (that I rotate under the fleece vests)
- ten t-shirts (at least 4 too many)

The Other Stuff:
- one funeral/wedding dress (that I've yet to wear)
- one pair of dress pants
- one long skirt that fits, and one that I love too much to donate just incase it ever fits again
- one fun medium length skirt
- four "dressy" shirts to mix and match with skirts, dress pants, or even jeans on a date night

Lounge wear:
.. and yes, this should be one item instead of one subheading, but I spend a lot of time at home in my PJs/Yoga pants (even though, I've never come close to striking a yoga pose)
- three pair of comfy PJs/lounge-y sleep/exercise pants (they could be used for exercise should I ever decide to do something other than swim)
- one pair of legit jammy pants
- one ratty but uber comfy long sleeve t-shirt
- two ratty but super soft hand-me-down t-shirts from my husband. (I especially love to sleep in these when he is traveling - it's kinda' like he's not gone... kinda')
- two old souvenier t-shirts that I won't wear in public, but can't bear to part with.. yet.

Stored in my Global Adventure Tote:
- three long skirts (because while I dream of the beach, I "vacation" in West Africa)

- two pair of running/biking shorts (because I HATE wearing skirts, and these make it bearable)
- one pair of paint pants
- one pair of flip flops for walking
- one pair of flip flops for showering (I use the term "showering"loosely. Anytime you need footwear to shower, it's not exactly your marble-tiled-hot-water-flowing shower... think more along the lines of bucket with cool water)

- one pair of running shoes (which is kinda funny since I have a serious aversion to running)
- one pair comfy walking shoes (purchased for winter in Peru, but also handy for a rainy day in North America)
- one pair of Keen's - hiking/sandal hybrid
- one pair brown boots (because I love them)
- one pair black boots (on the verge of donation)
- one pair of Toms (summer closed toe shoes for when I don't feel like painting my toenails)
- one pair of purple high heels (for very special occasions)
- one pair of Tevas that need to be replaced because I wear them every chance I get
- one collection of Uggs: Dakotas, Bailey Button, and  Everas (which were supposed to replace the Dakotas, but I haven't let them go yet)

Eleven pairs of shoes is a bit much for a true minimalist, but not so bad for an average American girl, right? Yet again, that's why I'm content to be minimalish.

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