10 May 2011

From Cluttered to Inspiring in 30 Minutes

I frequent this spot in our new house... well, I did.... Then it turned into a junk mail collection station. 
A quick 30 minutes took it from 



Next task: file my "to be filed" pile.

That basket you see under the desk is my sorry attempt to hide all the techie ugliness. I need something with a cover and a hole, but our modem and router need some regular attention (reset constantly), so I need easy access to power cords. I really despise that beast of a printer, but occasional use means it gets a prominent place on my desk until the wireless printer fairy blesses me with one that can be stowed in the back of the coat closet.

The cup is a stein from my dad's collection. The lamp is a remnant of my husband's bachelorhood... the birds hold my current reads and the chair doubles as a living room accent chair. For the true minimalist, I share the details of the pencil holder: one black pen, one blue pen, one pencil, one Bible highlighter and one black sharpie (for writing names on sippy cups).

As a procrastinator, I'm now officially out of excuses not to catch up on my writing assignments... the to-be-filed pile can wait.

Do you have a picture of your favorite place? If you are a writer, what places inspire you to write?

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