07 May 2011

New Title!

In a somewhat rash decision, I changed the title of "Plain & Simple As That" to "Minimalish." My rationale:

  • Quite frankly, I've realized I don't have the authority to say "It's Plain & Simple As That" about all the things I want to write about. 
  • I'm working on focus. Focus. Focus. Focus... that means I need a clear direction. 
  • I'm passionate about my family living a simplish, minimalish lifestyle ~ not in a sacrificial sort of way, just in a free-of-clutter kind of way. 
  • I have other outlets to download my non-minimalist-seeking soul writing: I can save my kid-drama for Oh Baby and my Christian-ponderings for guest posts on sheLivesOutLoud (or just my journal).
So, there you have it! Welcome to Minimalish. I hope you like it.. and I hope you will consider sticking around :)