23 March 2011

Why You Should Have Children Before You Turn 30

Some women have children into their 40s. I've heard of the random heroine who is still having babies in her 50s. Me? I'm done. My knees are too old to be carrying babies up and down stairs. I'm too set in my ways to put up with interrupted sleep routines. And my nerves just can't take it anymore! Besides that, my car is too small for three car seats and I'm not really interested in trading for a mini-van (no offense to mini-van owners.. they're great, I just really love my 40-mpg-VW too much to trade it).

So anyway...

Maybe you've heard that having children before you turn 30 can reduce your risk of some cancers.

Maybe you've heard that it is easier to lose the baby weight if you have children in your 20s rather than waiting.

Perhaps you want to give your parents their grandchildren while they are still young enough to enjoy them and to babysit for you.

These are all great and valid reasons to have children before you are a thirty-something.

I give you Reason #618 to have children before you are 30:

Once arthritis sets in, it is virtually impossible to open a sippy cup if the lid has been properly secured.

... off to find a hammer

~Plain & Simple As That


  1. I love reason #618. :) Ever notice how "childproof" caps can frequently be opened by children, but not by the older adults who need the medication? I think rule #618 is the same concept!

  2. My babysitter either read this post or just noticed it sitting in the sink for a few days. She got it open and put it in the dishwasher for me! ... she's 21. Love her!

  3. ROFLOL!!! I'm totally with you. I'm too old to be getting up 9 times a night. Plus I'm grumpy... :) I need my beauty sleep... ;-)

  4. love it! I can barely open medication bottles nowadays!