09 March 2011

Balancing Real Life with an Online Presence

Our recent move is going well. We still have some unfinished little things to get done, but otherwise, we are settling in. The biggest frustration has been working with a provider (I'll not mention the company name) to get internet access. Aside from the few moments a day when I bury my conscience and "borrow" from my neighbors' unsecured network, I've been semi-ignoring Facebook, Twitter, & Blogger. All are accessible via my phone, but how inconvenient is that? Teenagers may be able to text 30 wpm, but I have gray hair and my first age spot. I learned to type with two cartridges: black and white-out. I need a real keyboard.

Image Credit: Asthma Helper on Flickr
So, I'm in a bit of a quandary: almost two weeks w/o internet has been incredibly freeing. I have found more time to read, to organize, even to talk on the phone (people still do that apparently)... more time to live the simple life I desire. There's a part of me that wants to go without home internet access, even though I know I'd feel cut off from virtual-reality without all the friends that live inside my computer. Then again, when I do check-in with my Facebook friends, I realize I haven't really missed all that much.

Today's culture is somewhat reliant on having an online identity. Employers (should) Google you before they interview you. However, two weeks of reduced keyboard/screen time have taught me the importance of scheduling - even limiting - computer time. Giving up internet cold turkey may not be the solution to a simple life for everyone. I think the answer lies in learning to balance real life with an online presence. ~ Plain & Simple As That

What about you? How do you manage your online time?


  1. I totally agree, Stacy. This week I have really spent focusing on my family and my walk with God. IT HAS BEEN GREAT. I wasn't cooking. I wasn't writing. It was very freeing. And then I feel guilty when I realize how much time I have been spending on my blog lately. So you are right. Cutting it off totally isn't the answer. But limiting myself online time is. I am going to start setting the kitchen timer for myself...

    Great post.

  2. I'm taking off facebook for lent. I'm only on day one but I really don't feel like I've missed much! I have however enjoyed updating my blog twice in one day :)

  3. Couldn't agree more! Finding balance is NOT easy. I try to only get on the PC when I have customer photos to edit or when the boys are busy with their "down time" stuff... It's hard and oh so addictive!

  4. Some nights I realize how much time I've spent online and how little I've accomplished.. makes it impossible for me to ever complain about not having enough time for ______ (fill in the blank). Example: right now, I should be grading perspectives homework... :)