29 March 2011

Unpack your Memories

People! I beg you... unpack that scrappy old box of "memories" in your attic and unload some of the weight.

I found a box labeled "Stacy's Memories ~ Do Not Unpack!" So I've carried it around for years. Not only have I not unpacked it, I haven't even looked in it. Curiosity finally got the best of me, and I peeled back the tape to reveal a bunch of treasures JUNK!

Seriously, here's what I found: 
  • Stack of journals. I may read through these to see if there are any stories worth saving. They date back to my early days as a Christian and some are from the time I was dating/engaged to my husband.
  • A pair of rope sandals.. I have no idea where I bought them or why I thought they were special enough to be "memories"
  • A hand carved, personalized box ~ a gift from one of the kind people on my paper route in lieu of a Christmas tip. Actually, I think it may have had a dollar in it. That was back in about 1991. 
  • Castanets purchased on my trip to Spain in 1994.... you know.. incase I ever decide to take up flamenco dancing. 
  • An envelope of pictures (friends from elementary school and junior high should be warned. I have Facebook ammo)
  • An old passport
  • A leather purse I bought in Spain .. big enough for said passport and maybe a credit card.
  • The world's smallest violin. And yes, it actually works. A gift from my mom back when I played violin... 1986ish?
  • A stack of archaic disks. Does anyone have a computer that will read these? One might have my resume on it.
  • The stocking Santa filled for me. Smells like I got mothballs for Christmas. I don't remember being that bad. 
  • A tourist map and some cash from my 2003 trip to Nicaragua. I may consider the bills to be bookmarks and justify keeping them.

I'm sure I'm the only crazy one out there that packs away such tick-tack stuff and labels it "memories," but incase I'm not, I beg you to cull through your storage spaces. Maybe you'll find some real treasures, or maybe you'll find a pile of junk like mine. In the meantime, I've got to find someone that needs some Jesus sandals for their Easter play.  ~ Plain & Simple As That

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  1. LOVE IT! I've been cleaning out my office this week and finding all sorts of weirds stuff including notes given to me by the Kiddo's dad - 8 years ago? WOW! So cathartic!