12 March 2011

How Things Can Make a House a Home

We have enjoyed being in our house-of-few-possessions for almost 2 weeks. Today, we commenced war on the storage unit. We brought home all the things a minimalist would give away, but we refuse to let go: my grandma's dishes, his grandma's quilts, my mom's Hummel collection.

The quilts occupy three big plastic totes in the attic. The dishes are in line to be washed and neatly placed on the built-in shelves. The Hummels have been packed and returned to their pedestals in the previously-vacant curio cabinet.

Simple is good; and a minimalist lifestyle makes for a very clean, contemporary house. But some things trigger memories - good memories - and those things have a rightful place in a home. And this house is just that... a home. Our home. Finally. ~ Plain & Simple As That


  1. And it is so beautiful. Thanks again for the wonderful dinner on Friday night.