25 October 2010

Maybe You Go for Skinny ~ I go for Sanity

There are a million reasons to exercise:  camaraderie on the bikes, sweating off last night's pie in Zumba class, showing off a new pair of Sketchers ShapeUps, working toward those coveted skinny thighs and flat abs.  Name your motivation.  It's different for everyone.  As for me, I do it the cinder block shower with the mildewed curtain.

A few years ago, when I signed up for this mommy gig, I fully anticipated having to constantly supervise my littles ~ but nothing could have prepared me for constant supervision.  In my years of working outside the home, I never experienced micromanagement like this.  Sure, I get that all humans are created for community, but there are certain times everyone wants to just be alone.  

Alone time takes careful planning these days.  I've tapped the depths of my cerebrum to come up with a list of "errands" so when a Tot storms the bathroom, I have a task waiting for her: take something to the trash in the kitchen, check to see what Tiny is doing in the living room, or go look out the window on the other end of the house and tell me if Daddy is home yet.  To gain an extra 30 seconds, I sometimes attempt the evasive sneak-away-without-telling-her maneuver.  I've learned not to attempt this during Tiny's naps because sneaking away is always followed by, "MOOOOOOMMMY ~ WHEEEEEERRRRREEEE AAAAAAAAAAAAARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU?"  Seriously?.. we live in a 1000 square foot duplex.  Where does she think I went?  Errrrrr.   

My Solution:  The Pool.  

Not only does it give me the freedom to gorge on an entire loaf of pepperoni cheese bread, but swimming also guarantees an opportunity for prayer and meditation.  Alone!  The littles stay occupied supervising the childcare area, and the other swimmers are pretty quiet.  It's sorta' difficult to talk while swimming.  

So, yeah, I covet your skinny thighs and flat abs, but for now, I keep my gym membership for the sake of sanity.  Thirty minutes of swimming justifies a nice hot shower with no one busting through the curtain screaming, "Moooooom!"  That's my motivation.  Plain & Simple as That.  

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