23 October 2010

Bringing home Baby without Breaking the Bank

What do you really NEED to bring a baby home?  It was so much fun to go register for all those tiny little bits of baby paraphernalia  ~ but you don't need it all and it just takes up space!!!  

For kid #2, we trashed the "Diaper Champ" for a plain trash can lined with a Walmart bag.  We empty it more often, but it seems more sanitary.
The Tot had loads of adorable clothes that she never wore.  Footed PJs are cute enough for church when you weigh less than 20 pounds and it is only 20 degrees outside.  Little dresses, even with "tights," never seemed practical.  Tiny has no idea how unstylish we dress her, but I'm convinced she appreciates comfort more than she would fashion anyway.  Every time poop escapes a diaper, I'm grateful for her garage sale wardrobe.  

The most treasure toys in the house are hidden in the daddyman's pocket: keys, cell phone, a few pennies, and a wallet stacked with credit cards.  No matter how many squeaky bath toys we give them, they'd rather scoop water and splash with a washcloth.  Yogurt containers have entertained my girls far longer than anything from Toys 'R Us, and never ever underestimate the value of that crinkly fruit snack wrapper the Tot left under the coffee table for Tiny to find. 
Marketers would have you think it costs a fortune to have a kid that will be intelligent, but I tell you, you can raise a creative kid with a rock, a stick, a rope, a bucket of water, and pile of dirt.  ... okay, maybe it's not quite that easy, but for my blog's namesake, let's pretend it is Plain & Simple as That.

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