06 February 2011

8 Tips To Simplify Your Morning Routine - Ladies' Edition

Normally, Sunday mornings are a buzz at our house. Getting Tiny, the Tot and myself all out of bed, dressed, and fed in time to get to church before the music starts is nothing short of a miracle from God. I have finally accepted the truth. I need a morning routine. A simple one. So, I've been collecting notes from my husband (an official morning person) and my Facebook page:

1. Consider a coordinating wardrobe. I have a friend that mostly mixes black, white, and gray with her colorful accessories. I look sick in white and baby snot shows up too easily on black. My pallet is more brown/tan/beige/cream, with navy and red mixed in. Check out The Project 333 to see one approach to a streamlined wardrobe. Note to self: Must remember to stop even looking at black shoes.

2. Choose dual purpose make-up. I love my MaryKay tinted moisturizer. It saves me a step, it's the perfect amount of color, and my face hasn't been this clear since I was 10. I'm also a big fan of Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Watermelon. It's the perfect color for this pasty white girl with the added benefit of keeping away the winter chaps!  

Contents of my makeup bag: 
Tweezers, Mary Kay tinted moisturizer, Mary Kay Mineral powder/brush, 
2 Mary Kay eye-liners (I have one too many), brow brush, shadow brush, 
3 pony tail holders, 3 hair pins, Clinique blush, 
Neutrogena eye shadow (it's old. I know. Don't judge), Burt's Bees tinted lip balm, 
Cover Girl Water Resistant Black Mascara.
That's it. (.. and I know I need to wash my brushes.  Don't look so close, and quit judging.)
3. Grow your hair out. Short hair is super cute ~ especially for those of you with the perfectly sculpted face. God must have been in a hurry and just skipped all the extra little pinches ~ the cute nose, the high cheek bones, the long neck, etc. He just wadded up some clay in a ball, stuck it on top and called it good enough. 

It's okay. 

I'm not bitter. 

alas... I digress... back to my point. 

Long hair. It's much easier to go with a ponytail or a scarf when you're in a hurry than to have hair you absolutely must style. 

4. Pick easy-to-wear jewelry that can be casual or dressyPasty white girls look even more ghostly in silver, so I wear either small gold hoops or diamond studs. Both work perfectly fine with jeans & a t-shirt, or my fancy smancy "Christmas Casual" outfit. I love Nashelle's custom jewelry for moms, and this mini pendant ~ super simple yet elegant.  Bonus: this is the kind of necklace you never have to take off or match to an outfit.   

Square Plate plus yogurt & a banana = Square meal.
5.  Eat the same breakfast everydayShhhhh, don't tell the FDA. I'm sure it isn't the most healthy thing to do, but you can make up your fruits, veggies, etc at your other meals. Besides, unless you live somewhere along the Mediterranean, you probably don't live by the perfect diet anyway.  At our house, Tiny & the Tot get oatmeal or yogurt and a piece of fruit.  I eat cereal.  Everyday.  Occasionally, I buy a different kind for variety.  If you're a protein girl, keep some hard-boiled eggs in the fridge for an on-the-go breakfast.  

6.  Invest in an insulated mug. Those stops to visit your morning barista really add up both in $$ and time.  Make your morning tea (or coffee if you are a sinner like that) at home.  If you are a coffee drinker, follow my aunt's tip and set the coffee maker ahead of time.  Although, my friend, the microbiologist, encourages you to clean your coffee maker, or else...  WARNING:  Don't click that link if you are easily grossed out!  

... you clicked it, didn't you?  

I warned you. 


Now maybe you'll drink tea.  

Again, I digress... 

7. Last tip. Create a night-time routine
  • pre-make your lunch (and the kids' lunches if you are dropping them off), 
  • make sure your purse, diaper bag, and/or laptop bag are decluttered and repacked. 
  • set out clothes for yourself and the kids so there's no early morning decision-making pressure
  • Put your cell phone on the charger in a dedicated spot near your keys and purse/wallet.
8. Okay, one more. Make a check list for everything you need to have in hand before leave the house so you don't second guess yourself or have to come back for a forgotten item.  

Follow these ideas to shave a few minutes off your morning routine, take away the stress of making a lot of decisions while you're still groggy, and keep the kids from experiencing the trauma of the unknown.  ~ It's really Plain & Simple As That.

What makes morning easier at your house?

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  1. ****Disclaimers*****
    1) I wear my black boots even with brown pants and I don't care. They are comfy.
    2.) I'm no beauty queen... a little more makeup might not be a bad thing.
    3.) Growing your hair out is a pain. It won't make life any easier in the process, but when it gets passed your shoulders you'll thank me.
    4.) I don't really believe coffee drinkers are any more sinful than the rest of us.

  2. Love you, Stace. This is great.

    I wish my make-up bag was as paired down as yours. I have a crazy array of colors and shades..."just in case"...even though I only ever wear the same two eyeshadow.

  3. I love these tips. I've been tryin to simplify my make-up selection. I only use the stay stuff, but have a lot of extra "just-in-cases." What shade of Mary Kay mineral powder do you wear? Also, what shade of the tintied moisturizer do you wear? I have some MK mineral powder (not sure of the color - too lazy to go check). I'm thinking of trying the tinted moisturizer, and I'm pretty pale myself.

  4. I use "Ivory 1" in both. I think it's the lightest powder and the second lightest moisturizer they have... or the other way around. I can't remember. I love the MK stuff. It's expensive, but it lasts long enough and it keeps me from buying every "new" skin care product in HBA at Walmart just trying to find a cheap zit cream for a thritysomething year old, so I guess I'm actually saving money.

  5. You are such a crack up! Wasn't judging your brushes but I do drink coffee. :)

  6. Sinner. ... LOL.. not that anyone is judging! :) Love you Denise!

  7. So sad I just read this today! I love your make-up bag, although I do have a great tip for cleaning brushes that I'll tell you about later! btw--Ivory 1 is the lightest moisturizer and next to the lightest powder. :)

  8. Malinda.. is that you???? or does your husband know way too much about makeup? I kept wondering who this "Tom Pitts" guy was that has been commenting on my posts! :)

  9. I use my Burt's Bees for cheek color too (kind of like my grandmother's rouge stick). That way I don't have to buy a separate blush...and I know my colors won't clash :) And I don't use powder of any kind (except for eyeshadow occasionally) because I don't like that powdery look.

    I'm checking and cleaning my coffee maker today. Gross!!