22 February 2011

Unscheduled Vacation

I didn't mean to take a week of vacation. Sometimes life happens.

Thursday was my birthday ~ all day I was thinking I should do a post entitled, "Gifts for Minimalist: What to get someone that doesn't want anything."
Friday, we closed on our house. I'm hoping to have some good packing tips from that one.
Saturday, I spent the day with some amazing teenagers. You can see a cool picture here.
Sunday was jam packed too.. and then the week started on me again.

We are trying to move into our house by Thursday this week, and I'm hoping things settle down soon so I can get back to one of my true joys ~ writing.

My next few posts will be more about things I keep than things I discard because although I love the idea of living with less, there are some things that I can't let go. ~ Plain & Simple As That

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