07 January 2011

Sojourner in the Produce Aisle

Never one to make a commitment, I skipped the whole New Year's Resolution thing yet again this year.  Nevertheless, I found myself in the produce aisle on January 1 with all the new 2011 dieters.  It felt a little dirty ~ like a spy in a foreign land or a high school girl at a college party (not that I know what that is like *wink wink*).  The only place more alien to me than the produce aisle is the gym.  At least at the gym I can usually avoid eye contact with the rippled people as I quickly meander to the pool area, hoping no one notices how many weeks it's been since my key card was last scanned.  At least I can say I have a reason to be there.

Which brings me back to the produce aisle.  I promise, I have a reason to be here as well.  Just because I don't know what to do with a gourd, a shallot, a bag of artisan lettuce, or raw turnips, doesn't mean I should be shunned from the produce club completely.  After all, I like salads; you know, the kind with lots of bacon bits, cheese, turkey and ranch dressing and maybe a few tomatoes.  Besides, this mission isn't about me.  It's about the children.  I'm on a quest to find Tiny-&-the-Tot-approved, lunchsack-worthy vegetables.

My new interim job started this week.  With the new job, comes something new for Tiny & the Tot ~ MDO.  That's right friends.  My littles are headed to Mom's Day Out two days a week, and I'm embracing every moment of it.  Every moment except lunch packing.  As a state licensed (and very awesome) program, the teachers are required to offer the kiddos a balanced meal that includes all the food groups.  For my kids, food groups are: Dairy, Fruit Snacks, Hot dogs, and Marshmallows.  ... and occasionally Pickles.


Could someone please direct me to the vegetable little people will eat?

  • Mine don't like green beans.  
  • They don't like carrots (raw, cooked, sliced, diced, cubed, or shredded).  
  • They won't eat cold peas, cold squash, or cold broccoli (although, they will occasionally eat it freshly steamed).
  • They do like avocado, but not brown after being diced up and left in a lunch bag overnight.

I fill my cart with tomatoes, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, sweet peppers, and sweet potatoes.  We'll see how it goes.  Knowing some of my choices are pretty far fetched, I toss in a ominous bag of Artisan lettuce, the Spring Mix, and plan on having a few salad lunches this week.  I guess I am on a New Year's Diet. ~ Plain & Simple As That

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