26 January 2011

A Blogger's Dream

I have this ongoing daydream where I go to an eclectic little tea house ('cause I don't drink coffee and hot chocolate is not near as cool).  I open up my shiny MacBook Air that Apple sent to me for free; and I stare at the opportunities that lie behind that blank screen for just a moment while I stir my tea.  Then I calmly start typing as eloquent words flow from my brain to my fingertips.

In mere moments, I hover my pointer over the "Publish" icon, sheepishly grin at the witty little post I just whipped out.  Then, with one finger, I tap the track pad button (for you PC people, that's the equivalent of a double click), and off it goes.  Ahhh yes... I sit back, take a sip of my still warm tea.  I gently put the screen down and gaze out the window enjoying the moment while millions of readers flock to my site to see what stroke of brilliance I have to share.

I'm famous, yet no one recognizes me in real life (However, the eclectic teenager working at the eclectic little tea shop knows my name because I am a regular).  My writings have made it possible for me to travel the world, yet I still wear faded jeans, a broken-in pair of Toms, and a long sleeve T-shirt that says, "Will Blog For Food."  People see me and think I'm a nerdy college kid (cursed with gray hair oddly enough), but really, I'm a genius 30-something retiree.

..... and it's back to reality.  ~ Plain & Simple As That


  1. Ha, ha, HA!! This is so awesome. I LOVE IT. Oh, I am still laughing. Thank you.

  2. Such a crack up! Keep writing! :)