23 March 2012

By Special Request - Mary's Scones

By Special Request... these are the BEST scones I've had outside the mainland. My friend Mary brought these to me and was so gracious to share her recipe. I've posted her version of the recipe as a jpeg, so it might be hard to read, but it's really not mine to share... I didn't feel free to "rewrite" it, so you get it straight from her handwriting :) 

I made these today and forgot to glaze them, but they were still wonderful. I use blueberries, but the other variations are equally wonderful. 

Not Gluten Free, but worth it!
Pre-glazed Blueberry Scones


  1. They certainly aren't minimalish nor do they help with minimalizing in your healthy eating plan, but darn they are so good! And every now and then, we all need to have tea and scones and just sit and say MMMMMMMM AAAAAAAH! And if you're sitting on the deck on a warm sunny morning, enjoying the bird songs and sunrise it's even better.

  2. These really are a special occasion only recipe, but sometimes, Friday morning IS a special occasion :)