08 April 2011

How to Reduce Your Laundry Load

A few Quick Tips to Reduce the Amount of Laundry you do:

  1. Worn does not always equal dirty. Your jeans, in particular,will last longer if you wear them a few times in between washes.. plus, they're always more comfy on Day 2 or Day 3 of being worn! :)
  2. Hang up your wet towel. If it dries fast, it won't smell mildewy. If you showered well, you were clean when you used the towel, so you don't have to wash it after each use.
  3. Protect your clothes from the elements - and by elements, I mean babies and dinner. Daycare workers have learned that wearing a smock keeps baby droll and snot at bay, and every chef knows to wear an apron to keep from being splattered.  
  4. PJ Day! This is my favourite. Call it an environmentally friendly day or just a relaxing day at home. If you aren't going anywhere, why waste an outfit?... wear your PJs all day. The kids will love it! 
It's not a new idea... this photo was taken in 1965. I think she looks like she is having a great day. Little does she know how environmentally friendly she is. :)
Image courtesy of Todd Ehlers on Flickr

~ Plain & Simple As That


  1. Three cheers for PJ day! I saved myself so much laundry during the snowstorms this winter by implementing this idea. At one point, the boys wore (the same pair of) PJs for over 72 hours straight. If it weren't for bibs (Matthew), we couldn't have made it that long. But it was awesome. New undies for Timothy and fresh diapers for Matthew, and we were good to go.

    And, yes. Jeans on Day 1 are DEPRESSING.

  2. I pulled some pants off the hanger this week and they were kinda' loose. I got excited until I realized I must have hung them up after wearing them (sooooo unlike me).

  3. I love this post, especially the part about pajama day!